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  • Credit Cards Policy

    Payments Thourgh Credit Cards

    Since card frauds are not uncommon these days and in order to protect from these frauds, we reserve the right not to accept payments made by these credit cards whether payment is made by any mode i.e. over the phone or paid on the online websites for any bookings which are made.

    If we deem that a particular transaction is a potential fraud risk, the said booking will be held on a option for an agreed time to enable payment by the following means:

    Payment has to be made in Person at our offices, Cardholder for the said booking has to be present along with their payment card plus their passport for verification purposes.

    Cleared funds need to be deposited into our bank accounts.

    Please also note that if the cardholder is not traveling for the said booking or if the booking is for a destination with high levels of credit card frauds historically, this policy will be automatically applied.

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